Vata- Movement

Hindu Celebration


Air and ether (space) combine to form the energy of Vata that governs all forms of movement in the body. Breathing, blood circulation, waste discharge, movement of food inside the body, transfer of nutrients, working of the nervous system are all ruled by Vata dosha. Its function in the body is catabolic in nature. When in proportion, it gives keen senses, clarity of thought, original thinking, creativity, proper and consistent waste elimination, and a healthy respiratory system. When Vata is vitiated, these vital functions of the body are disturbed. Constipation, poor memory, uncertainty, anxiety, dry skin, difficulty in breathing, and asthma are some of the signs of Vata imbalances.

The defining features of Vata dosha are the same as that of air and space. It is creative and mobile energy characterized by light, cold, dry, moving, rough, irregular, and clear qualities. Too much of any of these qualities can aggravate this energy. For example, dry and windy conditions of the autumn season can aggravate Vata. Similarly, indiscipline and lack of routine can cause constipation. Dry and frozen foods can further increase Vata, especially during winters.

Short Description

Space and Air create transportation, movement, moves like the wind

Seasons Associated

Fall and early Winter

General Characteristics

Airy, cold, dry, fast irregular, light, mobile, rough, spacey, unpredictable

Physical Attributes

Thin, light frame, delicate digestion, cold hands and feet, irregular sleep patterns, dry skin and hair, moves and talks quickly, resists routine, loves new experiences (Think Calista Flockhart, Uma Thurman, Fred Astaire)

Signs of Balance

Can adapt quickly, excitable and affectionate, highly energetic, incredibly creative, loves to meet new people, sees outside the box. speaks up, spontaneous.

Signs of Imbalance

Often late, anxiety, fear and worry, blames self and gets confused, anxious, and fearful when sad or depressed, forgets to eat, constipation, difficulty finishing projects, easily distracted, extremely talkative, gas, bloating, insomnia, overactive mind-constant chatter, unfocused.