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What is Your Type?

Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old medical philosophy and practice, based around the idea that people are made up of different types of energy.

There are three doshas, or energies in Ayurveda: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. It is believed all three doshas are present in everyone but that each person has a dominant dosha that we carry with us from birth. When our doshas are balanced, we are in good health but when they are unbalanced, we are prone to develop disease, manifested through skin issues, poor digestion, insomnia, irritability, and anxiety.

One way to maintain proper balance is to eat foods that are best suited for your energy type. Eating foods not right for your type can cause imbalance, which in turn causes illness and disease.

So what type of dosha are you? Below are some brief, defining characteristics. For a more in-depth read, check out this page:

Vata Characteristics -Light bodyweight -Talk and walk quickly -Creative and imaginative Vatas are best suited for warm, nourishing foods, like soups, stews, freshly baked bread, and hot cereals.

Pita Characteristics -Sharp, intelligent mind -Bright, colorful eyes -Rosy cheeks

Pitas are best suited for cool or warm foods, like salads, ice cream, and warm grains.

Kapha Characteristics -Heavier likes comfort and food -Steady, calm, healthy, strong -Sweet, loving, kind, loyal, supportive

Kaphas are best suited for warm, light, and dry foods, like lightly cooked meals and raw fruits and vegetables. Once you discover your dosha, here are some great resources by type:




Here are some wonderful breakfast smoothies to try - one for each dosha:

Vata - Almond Date Shake Ingredients -1 cup almond milk -2 whole dates (dried) -2 pinches of cinnamon -⅛ inch fresh ginger

Instructions -Remove the seed from the dates. -Warm the milk in advance, or serve room temperature according to preference. -Puree all ingredients in a blender.

List of Vata foods to eat and avoid:

Pitta - Apple Lime Smoothie Ingredients -1 whole apple -1 pinch cardamom -¼ whole lime -⅛ inch fresh ginger -½ cup water -1 pinch lime zest

Instructions -Core and chop the apple. -Scrape the zest off of a lime with micro-grater, zester, or sharp knife. Grate the ginger. Grind cardamom in a coffee grinder. -Add the above ingredients to a blender. Squeeze lime juice over mixture. Add water and puree until smooth.

List of Pitta foods to eat and avoid:

Kapha - Almond Milk Chai Smoothie Ingredients -1 cup almond milk -¼ teaspoon cardamom -¼ teaspoon cinnamon -2 tablespoons of ghee -¼ inch fresh ginger -1 tablespoon maple syrup -2 pinches of nutmeg

Instructions -Bring almond milk to a simmer, uncovered. Watch closely as the milk starts to heat up, as almond milk overflows the pot if it boils. -As soon as almond milk starts to simmer, remove from heat and add spices. -Brew for 3-5 minutes and serve.

List of Kapha foods to eat and avoid:


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