• Linnette Johnson

What is Ayurveda???

Considered one of the oldest healing sciences, Ayurveda (Eye- your- vay-da) originated in India at least 5,000 years ago, and its meaning literally translates to ‘science of life.’

Today, Ayurveda encompasses prevention, healing and longevity as a holistic science. Although very detailed in its teachings Ayurveda aims to prevent disease and to rejuvenate the mind and body. Numerous Ayurveda herbal combinations have been used effectively in the treatment of skin conditions and for the promotion of a clear and healthy complexion. More recently many of these treatments have been comprehensively studied by scientists and some excellent clinical findings now allow us to utilize this knowledge of the past.

Ayurveda recognizes that the entire physical world, including humankind, is made up of five elements, earth, space, air, fire and water, and that each individual is made up of some combination of these elements.

Ayurveda as a science advises that each human falls into at least one of three body types, or doshas. A dosha cannot be seen with the naked eye, but their effects on the body can’t be missed.

Doshas are thought to be made up of a combination of the five primal elements of the earth: Air, Space, Water, Fire, and Earth.

The following dosha types are primarily made of these elements:

-VATA: air and space

-PITTA: fire and water

-KAPHA: water and earth

Everyone embodies pieces of each dosha, but usually, one or two doshas are dominant in an individual.

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