Pitta - Transformation

Festival Celebration


Fire and water combine to form the powerful transformative energy of Pitta that is capable of chemical change. All kinds of transformations taking place inside the body are governed by the fire energy. Digestion, breaking down of food, oxidation, hormonal actions, enzymes, energy generation are all ruled by Pitta dosha. Its function in the body is metabolic in nature. It is the primary force required for digesting the food, and since good digestion is considered as the key to a healthy body in Ayurveda, a balanced Pitta is crucial for maintaining optimal health. It is characterized by sharp, penetrating, hot, liquid, and oily qualities. Hot weather and oily food can aggravate Pitta, whereas cold and light conditions can bring it back to balance.

When in proportion, Pitta gives focus, motivation, sharp mind, quick metabolism, healthy appetite, and steady hormones. When fire energy accumulates too much, it causes anger, jealousy, aggressive reactions, acid reflux, diarrhea, oily skin, rashes, pimples, skin disorders, over competitiveness, hormonal imbalances, and painful menstruation.

Short Description

Fire and water create transformation, metabolism heat up the body and mind.

Seasons Associated


General Characteristics

Acidic, hot, intense, light, penetrating, sharp, sour

Physical Attributes

Medium build, strong digestion, warm body temp, sleeps soundly for short periods (and loves to tell you this), sharp intellect, learns very quickly, direct in speech and action, intense, sharp, stays close to routine, courageous, perfectionist and expects this in others  (Think Lance Armstrong, Denzel Washington, Nicole Kidman)

Signs of Balance

Courageous, direct in speech and action, friendly, great leader, intense, likes routine, quick to learn, sharp intellect, warm personality.

Signs of Imbalance

Aggressive, angry, blames others and lashes out when sad or depressed, excessively critical, eyesight issues, fiery, headaches/migraines, impatient with self and others, indigestion/heartburn, inflammation, irritable, judgmental, mean, skin rashes