Kapha- Protection

Ganesh Pooja


Kapha is the resulting combination of earth and water. Its qualities are similar to that of the earth element that is stable, heavy, slow, dense, dull, cool, and sticky. It is the anabolic function that governs cohesion and lubrication. Kapha dosha is responsible for providing the body its structure and form. It provides density to the bones, builds tissues, and generates mucus to lubricate the joints. The slow, heavy, stable qualities of Kapha are responsible for providing stability, discipline, good memory, and patience.

When in balance, Kapha is responsible for strong tissues, well-lubricated joints, and a calm mind. When it goes out of balance, it causes obesity, water retention, sinuses, allergies, congestion, excessive mucus production, heavy heartedness, and sadness. Lack of physical activity and cold conditions can aggravate Kapha, while warm, pungent, and astringent foods can bring it back to balance.

Short Description

Earth and Water creates protection, structure and stability

Seasons Associated

Late Winter and Spring

General Characteristics

Cold, Oily, Slow, Sluggish, Smooth, Solid, Stable, Steady, Moist

Physical Attributes

Can be heavyset, Heart stamina (rarely gets sick); Cold body temp; Deep sound sleep; Smooth skin and thick hair; Solid; Stable; Smooth; Steady; Slow moving; Easygoing; Methodical; Sweet; Caring; Enjoys routine (Think Oprah, John Goodman, Rachael Ray)

Signs of Balance

Calm; Consistent; Content; Loyal; Steady; Strong; Supportive

Signs of Imbalance

Attached; Complacent; Congested- sinus and allergy problems; Dull; Greedy; Inert/immobile; Needy; Overeats when depressed; Overly protective; Overweight; Withdraws when sad or depressed.